Amulet: The Stonekeeper

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By Kazu Kibuishi

The Barnes and Noble store had a display for Cleopatra in Space that said “If you liked Amulet, you will like this.” I like Cleopatra in Space so figured that I might like Amulet. I was right – I loved it

Amulet is a really good book. It is a graphic novel. It is about a girl finding an amulet. The girl’s mother is kidnapped by a squiggly tentacle monster. The girl has to go find her mom and brings her little brother (because there is no babysitter).  In the basement, there is a door that takes to an enchanted land but not the happily ever after fairy tale type. On her adventure, she meets her great grandfather and his robots (he was an inventor).

This was only the first book. I am excited to continue the adventure with the next books.

I recommend this book to kids who want to go on adventure. I think kids should read graphic novels when learning to read. It is like a comic but also like a chapter book.

There is one question – they moved but how did they end up in their great-grandfather’s house?

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