Hidden Figures

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Sorry this is later than usual, but I didn’t get to see this film till this afternoon. Hidden Figures is about women put people into space. There were three main characters who were African-Americans. The film show a lot about we used to treat African-Americans differently.  They separate bathroom, a separate place on bus, a separate water fountain, a separate seat at court, a separate space in the library… so in general, they were treated unfairly.

These women were good at math and helped do the hard work it took to put men in space. They did math by hand and without a computer. They were the computers. They were important but hidden.

This is a true story. It was a good idea to see it on Martin Luther King JR weekend. He was even in the film!

I liked the movie. It may have been a little old for me. Mom had to explain a number of things for me.

I do think kids should see it. Older kids may get it without adult explanations. Kids like me may need some help.

I do want to learn more about the women in the film and the math they did. I think there are more hidden women in history.

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