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Wolf in the Snow


By Matthew Cordell

Wolf in the Snow is a no word book. You tell the story by the pictures. It is a sad story about a girl getting lost during the snow. At the same time, a wolf cub is lost in the snow. They are sad and scared. The girl helps the wolf get home but gets even more lost. The wolves help her family find her.

I give this 10 stars and 6 bonus ones. The pictures are really great. Matthew was the illustrator of Lost.Found so I like his work.


I recommend this book to all people, especially those who need to face their fears. Not everything is scary and sometimes scary things are helpful.


2 thoughts on “Wolf in the Snow

  1. Beautiful review…..I’ve seen a lot about this book recently, but hadn’t investigated
    what it’s about …… now I know, and plan to get it. Very helpful review…. Thanks.


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