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King Cake Baby


By Keila Dawson

Illustrated by Vernon Smith

It is almost Mardi Gras so time to share King Cake Baby. Stick around to the end as I have a surprise!

King Cake Baby is like the gingerbread man. He is supposed to be cooked in a king cake but keeps running away from people. He taunts them as he runs. But eventually someone outsmarts him.

King Cake is a special cake eaten from the  Epiphany to Mardi Gras. A small “baby” is hidden in the cake. If you get the piece with the baby, you are special.
I found the book funny. It is even more fun if you read it with silly voices.

*Drawing is closed. The winner was Molly*

Now the exciting part – I have a copy to give away to one of my readers! This is my first giveaway so super special.  To be entered into my drawing, leave a comment on my blog about:

  1. What you would do if you found the baby in your piece of cake?
  2. A book you think I would like OR
  3. An author/illustrator I should interview

Comments will be open through next Friday, February 17th. I will draw a random entry for the book! Make sure to leave an email I can reach you at!

7 thoughts on “King Cake Baby

  1. 1. If I found a baby in my Cake I would have thought a while about it than I would like to get the baby in a cradle and I would go to sleep.

    2. I think you should really read my wacky school “Mister Macky is wacky”.


  2. S says:

    1. “I don’t know what I’d do.” She wouldn’t do a happy dance, or say yay!, Or sing a song.

    2. I think Nelle would like you to try to review the indestructible books. So far she says it really is indestructible! But maybe bigger kids can do better.


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