Still a Family

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By Brenda Reeves Sturgis

Illustrated by Jo-Shin Lee

This story is about a homeless family. The mom and girl live in a different shelter than her dad. While they are in the shelter, they celebrate holidays and birthdays. Even though the family lives in separate shelters, they are still a family.  The parents look for work every day. I think this book tells you what it is like in a shelter.

I give this book 10 thumbs up, 3 bonus thumbs up and six stars.

This book has great art work. The message is you are still a family, even if you live in different places.

3 thoughts on “Still a Family”

  1. This book reminds us that even though you may lose everything including your home the most important thing is that you still have your family . Families are there during the tough times and good times.

  2. In our town there are many homeless families and too few shelters. I am ordering this book for the homeless coordinator at our schools here in Bemidji MN. She works with all the homeless kids and their families so they can get the help they need. Granpa Charlie

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