Third Grade Mermaid

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By Peter Raymundo

This book is about a mermaid that wants to be on a swim team, but her grades are too low. She has to get an A on the next spelling test to join the team. The story is about her doing stuff with her friends. It doesn’t help her with her spelling test. This book is probably about time management and why parents constantly remind kids to do their homework before playing. She does get an “A” on her test but she lets another kid join the team.

I liked that the story was about a mermaid.  My copy was an advanced reader so not all the illustrations were done.  I liked what I was seeing with the illustrations but it is really cool to see the unfinished versions too. I need to find a finished copy so I can compare the books.

Parents will like this book because it gets kids to manage their time better. Kids will like this because it has a mermaid, friendship and fun activities.


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