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By John Patrick Green

The book is Hippopotamister today. What it is about is a Hippo that wants a job with a Red Panda. They live at a zoo and they leave the zoo the find jobs. They try to find all kinds of jobs like cooking,working in an office, being a bank teller and other not animal jobs. It is funny. They always get kicked out of the job mostly because of Red Panda who is naughty.  They return to the zoo.

I liked that it is about a hippo. I don’t see a lot of books about hippos. The artwork was very good. I liked the cover because it had all the different job hats. It is a spoiler without you knowing it.

Kids would find this very funny, especially when Red Panda does something in the kitchen. Not anything bad but they get kicked out…. and the kitchen closes (oops).  I recommend this to people who are having a bad day at work.

(Bridget note: I may be offline a bit. My house and school lost power on Wednesday and they say we won’t have it back till late this weekend. )

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