Secret Coders: Secrets & Sequences

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By Gene Luen Yang & Mike Holmes

This is book two of the series I shared yesterday. In this book, our heroes are trying to find Hopper’s dad.  To do this they have to code a robot to find a bad guy because he said he would take them away if they didn’t. There is even a green robot cat coded by the bad guy. All the robots of the bad guy are green because they drank something that makes them only want to see green.

I like that this a story that continues. You get to learn more about the characters, especially the bad guy. First they learn about him, this book they learn what he does and next book about what he wants.. (spoiler come back later this week for that review).

The same people who read book one of this series will want to read this. 

Psst.. there are even secret messages in this book

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