By Ru Xu

NewsPrints is about a newsie hiding that he is really a girl. She stumbles on to an inventor who is little odd. She becomes his assistant. Then she finds a robot called Crow but she doesn’t realize it is a robot till halfway to the end. The inventor and her go on adventures, get in trouble, end up on the front page of the paper (like me) and usually our girl is the saving the boy inventor.

I liked that the girl saves the boy. Girls don’t always need to be saved and girls need to see that in books. I really like books about adventures so this was a perfect one. I hope there will be another book. My copy was an advanced reader so once again, I got to see the illustration process from finished work to rough drafts. (Bridget note: The first parts are usually finished and the illustrations become more rough draft as the book progresses in these types. I gave my copy to my school so my classmates could see the process)

I recommend this book to people who need an adventure,  people who don’t need to be saved and well, you.


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