Penguin Problems

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By Jory John

Illustrated by Lane Smith

This is a book about a whining penguin. He finds something wrong with everything. He’s too cold, he’s too hot. There is no fish, there too many fish (ok those weren’t nice ones but….), strangers talk to him, no one knows him. Seriously, nothing is good for him. A nice walrus talks to him about all the wonderful things that are not problems. The penguin considers them and almost has a better attitude…. but apparently he is wired whiny.

I liked the illustrations. I like that it was penguins. I didn’t like when my mom said the penguin sounded a bit like me. Okay, I can be a little whiny but I don’t think I am that whiny.

I think this is one of those books for adults, not kids. But it is funny for kids.

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