Over in the Wetlands


By Caroline Starr Rose

Illustrated by Rob Dunlavey

This is a book about a hurricane on the bayou.  It is about how animals react to a hurricane – before, during and after.  Some animals act in a way that shows you there will be a storm. For example, a gator mom takes her babies deep into their den to keep them safe.

This book uses really good action words and science words, like pelting, drenches, relentless,  and gatorling. One great sentence is “The hurricane yawns, the hurricane rests.” This is something kids can understand.  The book is almost like a poem.  This is a good book for learning about hurricanes and bayou animals. I don’t live by the bayou but now I know there are gatorlings! It makes me want to visit the bayou but not during a hurricane.

I think scientists, kids who want to be scientists, kids who live near the bayou, kids who live where there are hurricanes or even kids who have no clue what a hurricane is would like this book.  This is a book worth having on your bookshelf. I even saw a copy of it at my local library!

I give this one ten stars and about three bonus gatorling stars!

On the author’s website you can find a discussion guide and activity sheets! Come back tomorrow to meet the author as well.



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