One Child, One Planet

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Written by Bridget McGovern Llewellyn

Photos/Illustrations by Carl R Sam II & Jean Stoick

This is a book for children conservationists. It is a poem about how a child fits in the world. “Earth so big and me so small.”  But even if we are small, we can do a lot to help the Earth. It talks about the bad things happening to the earth like greenhouse gases and the ways we can change our lives to help, like recycling.

I liked it because it is really good for kids who don’t know what they can do to help the world. It tells them stuff they can do.  The photos are very pretty and make you want to go for a hike. It makes you want to help the animals. I learned a lot from this book.

I just think this is a book everyone should have on their shelf, so I recommend it to everyone!


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