The Ice Cream Conundrum 

By Katie Trupiano

The Ice Cream Conundrum is about not getting something you really, really wanted and how you react. The character really wants a specific type of ice cream. The Ice Cream truck doesn’t have it. Here the book the asks you to pick how you would respond. One is get mad and one is be disappointed. Once you pick, you go to a certain page and find out what happens. This is a good way to show the right way to respond.

I like that the book gives the kid a choice. It is like a choose your own adventure. I like that it is about Ice Cream. I can’t have most Ice Cream because I am dairy allergic so I know what it is like to be disappointed.  But I am learning the alternatives can sometimes be better.

I think anyone should read this. It is a good book for parents to read to second graders too.

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