I need your help…

It is really cool being the second grade book reviewer. I can read any book I want. I get to see some before they come out. I get to talk to authors, librarians and illustrators. And I have all you cool people.

But this is hard too. I try to post just about every day but it is getting harder. My books are getting longer. I also like to play and have homework to do.

Here is where you can help – I really want to build a large network of kid book reviewers. The benefit is not only I do not have to post as often, but you all will hear different voices. The book variety will go up too! 

Do you know a kid who would like to join my team? I would ask the kid to try to provide one book review a month. If you do, please send them my way!

Also don’t forget if you know authors, illustrators or librarians, I love good recommendations!

1 thought on “I need your help…”

  1. Hi Bridge!

    Good luck in your search. It is hard to get volunteers sometimes. Meanwhile, since it is spring and lots of other good things to do outside, why not cut back to once a week for sure. You can do another one if it works out but don’t worry if it doesn’t! All good projects morph over time. You are doing a great job but don’t make it an actual “job” or it will stop being fun! 😻 Reading and writing should always be fun and not work.

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