Ask the Librarian: Amanda Liebl

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Amanda LName of Library & Website:   Boca Raton Public Library

What kind of librarian are you? My title is “Youth Programs Director”. I run the Youth Services Department of our libraries.

How long have you been a librarian?  I have worked at our library since January 2015.

What led you to you wanting to be a librarian?  Our library is run by our city of Boca Raton. I had been working for the City of Boca Raton since 2004 running the Camp Programs. It came time for change and I had the opportunity to come work at the library. I have always loved children and I felt like coming to the library would be a great fit for me. What a special feeling to know that you are working in a field and a place where you are helping to make memories for children every day. You are growing their ability to read and growing their interests in all sorts of things. You are a part something important in our community.

How do you pick books for your library? I do not have the special job of choosing the books for our library but I do work closely with the person who does. My staff and I are able to communicate with that person and offer suggestions, as well as make requests. We are also lucky to work closely with children, tweens and teens every day, which allows us to learn what’s popular among them. We can share those popular topics and books with the staff that orders the books. We all work together to grow the best youth collection we can.

Do you have a favorite author?  I’m sure most librarians feel this is a hard question! 🙂 I enjoy authors who write in clever and funny ways for children. For me this includes Mo Wilems, Bob Shea, BJ Novak and David Horvath.

How do you decide what book to recommend to a specific kid? The first thing to do is learn from them about the other books they have really enjoyed. It’s important to know their interests, reading level and age. I love to take time with them to really explore and try a few different selections. If we are really stuck, I find the website to be very helpful.

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