Mystery Science Theater 3000

So this is not a book review but my mom introduced me to Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I LOVE it!  The movies are bad but you get to talk through them. It is so funny and silly. 

This morning we were watching the wizard movie and they even had a song number. That was the coolest thing. The movie was so silly too. 

Mom says there are tons of episodes to keep watching. She is enjoying spending Saturday mornings with us watching it and says she used to do the same with her brother and college roommates. 

Do you watch MST3K?


2 thoughts on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

  1. Your mother introduced you to MST3K? That’s some top-quality parenting, right there.
    There are over 200 episodes for you to discover; some better than others, but all worth at least one watch.
    Check out most of them here:

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