Mama Played Baseball

  • 2 min read

By David A. Adler

Illustrated by Chris O’Leary

This book is about a mom who played baseball on a special team during the war. The daughter is happy and proud.  They live with her grandparents because the dad is at war. The mom travels with her team and is really good.

I liked the art because it was really nice. The story was interesting. It is based on real women who played baseball during the war. Mom says there is a movie about this too! We even have a poster at our house signed by two of the women baseball players. Mom met them years ago!

I recommend it to kids who are curious about history or who have Moms who do different things.

Note: I will be taking a small break from posting this week. My mom, who does all the technical work for the blog, is going on an overseas business trip. I will resume posts when she is back! 

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