Julia’s House for Lost Creatures

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By Ben Hatke

Julia’s house arrives in town by the edge of the sea (spoiler alert: it’s on a turtle).  It is a really nice house but it is lonely. Julia makes a sign and soon it’s not lonely anymore. Then there is more trouble and another sign. That fixes most of her trouble but she needs one more to fix the last issues.

I like that is a very kind story. It is a very pretty story. I like the creatures that come to live with Julia. I would like a mermaid to come live with me. 

I recommend this to kids who are lonely. It shows you can make friends. Also people who need to learn to ask for help because nice things come from that. Kids with silly imaginations will like this too.

Hey readers: what creatures do you want to live with you?

1 thought on “Julia’s House for Lost Creatures”

  1. One of my favorite picture books ever! I love the art work, I love all the stray creatures that Julia finds. I love that Julia is a fixer and a problem solver. And the fact that her name is close to mine doesn’t hurt either!

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