The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth

  • 1 min read

by Ian Lendler

Illustrated by Zach Giallongo

This is a very funny story about what happens at the zoo at night. The animals put on plays. This time they are doing Macbeth (Bridget note: Mom says it is a Shakespeare play). At first you think Macbeth is a good guy but it turns out he is not.

This is so funny, not just the play, but the audience comments. It is done as a graphic novel so easy to sneak in funny moments. There are some monkeys who come up regularly and are very funny. Keep an eye out for them. The illustrations are well done and help the funny moments be even funnier. I definitely need to get the second book where they do Romeo and Juliet.

This would be a great summer read. You will laugh and learn Shakespeare at the same time.


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