Jedi Academy Series

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By Jarrett J. Krosoczka

This is a double review of Jedi Academy series. One book,  A New Class, is available now and The Force Oversleeps is available at the end of this month.


In A New Class, Victor gets to attend the Jedi Academy with his sister.  She isn’t thrilled but he thinks it is great. He makes friends and also thinks some kids are Sith. In the end, people aren’t who he expected.

My favorite part of the New Class is the funny part about what Victor did in his old school. It is really funny that he uses the force for everything and then messes up.

When I met Jarrett J. Krosoczka last month, he was hiding copies of the new, not released yet book at the event. We found two actually. We kept one and then showed another kid where the other was hidden.  That was a fun game!

The Force Oversleeps is also funny. His sister, Christina, turns evil or so he thinks… He has fun with his friends at school but is worried about his sister. He meets his dad too and they have a scene similar to Luke and Darth Vader – “I am your father.”

I recommend these books to people who like Star Wars. They are great books. 

I give them a thousand stars. (Sorry,Salina!)

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