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No Pirates Allowed!said Library Lou

By Rhonda Gowler Greene

Illustrated by Brian Ajhar

This is a very silly book. It could even be a pee in your pants book. So a pirate goes to the library. He is very loud and very stinky. Neither are a good idea at the library. Library Lou is not scared by Pirate Pete. She is very strict with Pirate Pete. She says he can’t stay unless he is quiet, takes a bath and changes his underwear. (He must have been really stinky). When he comes back all nice and clean to find treasure, Library Lou introduces him to the treasure of books.

This is how I feel about books. They take you on adventures. They give you ideas and your imagination can do anything.

I love the illustrations. Library Lou looks like my favorite librarian, Meaghan.

I recommend this book who like reading and like pirates. Kids who haven’t gotten into books yet may like this. Annoying Little Brother has had us read this every night since we got it.

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March Grand Prix

by Kean Soo

There are three adventures with March, a bunny race car driver.  Things don’t go smoothly for March but if he relies of his friends & family, things get better. The races are nail biters and the bad guys are funny and bad. He doesn’t always win but there are surprises in each.

The graphics are really cool.  I like the colors and it seems like the pictures are

going super fast.

I got these books for my little brother. He likes racing. I think kids who like racing will like these a lot!


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Women In Science

Written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky

This is an interesting book about women in science. There is a page about each female scientist, doctor, researcher and more in this book. It tells their story and some cool facts.

I liked learning about these women. They have been involved in everything. Rachel Carson and Jane Goodall are in the book. Marie Curie is in the book too! They even had Maryam Mirzakhani in the book.

I think girls and teachers would like this. Everybody would get something from this book.

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Gaston and Antoinette

By Kelly DiPucchio

Illustrated by Christian Robinson

This is a review of two books. One is called Gaston and the other is Antoinette.

Gaston is about a bulldog who has poodle siblings. He meets Antoinette in the park one day. She is a poodle with bulldog siblings. In Gaston, they switch families but they realize it is not the right thing. So Gaston goes back to living with Poodles and Antoinette bulldogs. But they all stayed friends and won’t tell you the cute ending.

In Antoinette, Gaston’s sibling follows a butterfly and gets lost. The sibling’s name is Oh LaLa! Antoinette helps save the day.

These are cute books. You should get both like I have. The stories are nice. I think the story is about family being more than looking a like. It is about fitting and finding your place. Sometimes you might look out of place but you belong.

I think Antoinette is about friends always looking out for each other, just like family.

I really like the art by Christian Robinson. He has a really fun style using paint and makes cool prints. I like that you can see the brush strokes

If you are in SE Michigan, you could meet Kelly and a lot of other authors at Book Beat on August 27th! You will find me there too!

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By Katie Cook

Gronk is a graphic novel for kids. Gronk is a small green monster. He is soooo cute. You just want to cuddle him.  He loves kitty. His stuffed animal gets ripped and tries hugging real kitties. He meets a person who helps with and they go on all kinds of adventure.. in the house!

This is a funny book. I think kids and their parents will like this.

At the end, a bunch of illustrators draw Gronk. Even Mike Maihack! That is really cool.