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No Pirates Allowed!said Library Lou

By Rhonda Gowler Greene

Illustrated by Brian Ajhar

This is a very silly book. It could even be a pee in your pants book. So a pirate goes to the library. He is very loud and very stinky. Neither are a good idea at the library. Library Lou is not scared by Pirate Pete. She is very strict with Pirate Pete. She says he can’t stay unless he is quiet, takes a bath and changes his underwear. (He must have been really stinky). When he comes back all nice and clean to find treasure, Library Lou introduces him to the treasure of books.

This is how I feel about books. They take you on adventures. They give you ideas and your imagination can do anything.

I love the illustrations. Library Lou looks like my favorite librarian, Meaghan.

I recommend this book who like reading and like pirates. Kids who haven’t gotten into books yet may like this. Annoying Little Brother has had us read this every night since we got it.

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