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Thank you

Yesterday I got a nice surprise from an author I had reviewed. Well, he wasn’t one of my author friends but now he is. I had only read that one book by him!

I love his compliment. It is so nice. This is one of the reasons I do what I do. It is hard sometimes when you are trying to do homework, be a kid, go to school, go to sleep and be a literary critic (ps. New favorite phrase). It is very nice to know it is appreciated.

Tomorrow I meet a favorite author and on Monday, Salina will be at my school! Big few days ahead.

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Sci Fi Jr High

By John Martin and Scott Seegert

Vordak let his minions out to write a new book and it isn’t about him (finally). Spoiler – this one is just as weird but in a good way.

Sci Fi Jr High is about Kelvin Klosmo who goes to a new school. There are many things that are weird about the new school. Everybody in the school thinks he is the smartest kid in the Galaxy when he barely knew a multiplication problem. Eventually he finds his place in the school.

I like that the evil villain turned into a stuffed bunny. I wonder if any of my stuffed animals are really a villain. I like adventures in Space because I think space is fun. I hope to go to space one day.

People who liked Vordak, stuffed animals and space would like this. Kids who are the new kid at school would also like this. Somebody who is having a bad day should read this too. They will laugh themselves to happiness.

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Cucumber Quest: The Doughnut Kingdom

By Gigi D.G.

Cucumber Quest is about a bunny named Cucumber. Everyone has a food name like Almond, Sir Bacon, Princess Parfait. That is funny. Cucumber must save his world from the Nightmare Knight. He is joined by his sister, Almond, who is the actual brave one.

This is a graphic novel which means the illustrations are awesome. It looks like a series since they didn’t defeat the Nightmare Knight in this book. Cliffhanger! The story is really funny. It is a pee in your pants funny book.

If you liked Zita, Mighty Jack, Cleopatra in Space or Amulet, you should get this book. And if you like this book and have read one of those, you should.

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The World’s Greatest Adventure Machine

By Frank L. Cole

This book is not what you think it is. It makes you think they are in a cart but they are really….. sitting in a cart doing nothing. The story is about the adventures the kids take. The adventures are about their worst fears.

I liked that it was kind of creepy but not creepy. At some points, you worry about what is going to happen but then you find out they are not going to get hurt. I liked when they find out the contest isn’t as random as they think.

I think kids who are looking for adventures and cliffhangers (Bridget note: I don’t think many people like cliffhangers) would like this book. People who want to face their fears might also like this book.

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Cast No Shadow

by Nick Tapalansky and Anissa Espinosa

This is the story about a boy with no shadow. He meets a ghost and then his shadow appears. The shadow goes and does crazy things because the shadow is not attached to anything. The shadow gets to boy in a lot of trouble. Eventually they get the shadow attached to someone but not who you think!

I liked that the boy was in love with the ghost and the ghost was a ghost for eighty years. I loved the ghost. I loved the illustrations (ps this is a graphic novel).

I think people who like ghosts or have no shadow might like this. Misbehaving kids would like this since they could blame their shadow for everything!

I give this book 50 stars

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Meet the author: Jim Benton

Author website/social media:

Tell me a little about yourself: I’m an author and artist, and I created Franny K Stein, Dear Dumb Diary, Victor Shmud, as well as licensed properties like It’s Happy Bunny

When you were my age, did you like to read?: I would read anything. I liked MAD Magazine, and Batman comic books, as well as longer stories. I also liked some old books like The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

What was your favorite story? My favorite story???? I have no idea!! I don’t know how to pick a favorite!

How do you get your ideas?: I just sit down and start doodling or writing. The ideas eventually just come.

Is it hard to write/illustrate a book? Only sometimes. Usually it’s a lot of fun, but if a drawing is giving me trouble, or if I’m stuck on part of a story, that can be kind of frustrating.

Do you have a favorite among the books you have written/illustrated?: My favorite is whatever I’m working on at that very moment. Currently it’s a Christmas book.

What author do you really like right now?: One of my all time favorites is an author named P.G. Wodehouse.

What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author?: Keep reading and keep writing. Even silly little things are great practice and your work matters.

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The Handbook

By Jim Benton

Scholastics sends me books periodically to review. A couple recent ones have been by Jim Benton. Imagine my surprise when I saw him at Book Beat. I didn’t know he was a Michigan author! So cool!

One book they send was The Handbook. It comes out next week! The Handbook is about Jack who likes to find stuff in the trash. When his neighbors move out, he finds a box of stuff. One thing in the box was a turnip recipe book but it was really “The Handbook.” It is what grownups use for everything.  By finding the book, Jack and his friends know all the secrets.

I like that Mike likes to have people call him names, Jack likes to pick trash and Maggie is just his friend (Jack’s crush).  I like the idea that there is a secret handbook for adults. I am on the lookout for turnip recipe books. Maybe one of my mom’s vegan cookbooks is really “The Handbook.”

I recommend this to kids who want to know the secrets. Adults should not read this so they don’t find out kids know the secrets.

Bonus – interview with Jim Benton on Friday!