Bear and Squirrel are Friends… Yes, really

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by Deb Pilutti


I picked this book up at Book Beat’s birthday party.  Annoying Little Brother thought the title was funny! Guess what – the book is very funny! It is a pee your pants funny one!

This is the story of a bear and squirrel who are friends. Yes, you heard me right. They play together. They clean together. They eat together. Their other friends are confused. The other bears want to eat squirrels. The other squirrels say “don’t be friends. He is going to eat you.” When Bear wakes from winter nap, he looks at Squirrel differently.  Is he going to eat him? Nah, Squirrel just goes to make him breakfast and lunch and probably brunch and probably dinner and maybe breakfast again. I am sure a bear is very very hungry when he wakes up.

I like this book because it is funny. It teaches you that friends won’t eat friends. You can friends with anyone.

This would not be a good bedtimes story because you would be laughing too much. It could be good for kids who are biting their friends. Also maybe people who are unsure who they could be friends with.

PS. Deb shared about a book event this weekend that will have lots of kids authors. I don’t know if I will make it but check out Kerrytown Bookfest

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