The Handbook

By Jim Benton

Scholastics sends me books periodically to review. A couple recent ones have been by Jim Benton. Imagine my surprise when I saw him at Book Beat. I didn’t know he was a Michigan author! So cool!

One book they send was The Handbook. It comes out next week! The Handbook is about Jack who likes to find stuff in the trash. When his neighbors move out, he finds a box of stuff. One thing in the box was a turnip recipe book but it was really “The Handbook.” It is what grownups use for everything.  By finding the book, Jack and his friends know all the secrets.

I like that Mike likes to have people call him names, Jack likes to pick trash and Maggie is just his friend (Jack’s crush).  I like the idea that there is a secret handbook for adults. I am on the lookout for turnip recipe books. Maybe one of my mom’s vegan cookbooks is really “The Handbook.”

I recommend this to kids who want to know the secrets. Adults should not read this so they don’t find out kids know the secrets.

Bonus – interview with Jim Benton on Friday!

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