Meet the author: Jim Benton

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Tell me a little about yourself: I’m an author and artist, and I created Franny K Stein, Dear Dumb Diary, Victor Shmud, as well as licensed properties like It’s Happy Bunny

When you were my age, did you like to read?: I would read anything. I liked MAD Magazine, and Batman comic books, as well as longer stories. I also liked some old books like The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

What was your favorite story? My favorite story???? I have no idea!! I don’t know how to pick a favorite!

How do you get your ideas?: I just sit down and start doodling or writing. The ideas eventually just come.

Is it hard to write/illustrate a book? Only sometimes. Usually it’s a lot of fun, but if a drawing is giving me trouble, or if I’m stuck on part of a story, that can be kind of frustrating.

Do you have a favorite among the books you have written/illustrated?: My favorite is whatever I’m working on at that very moment. Currently it’s a Christmas book.

What author do you really like right now?: One of my all time favorites is an author named P.G. Wodehouse.

What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author?: Keep reading and keep writing. Even silly little things are great practice and your work matters.

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