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Sci Fi Jr High

By John Martin and Scott Seegert

Vordak let his minions out to write a new book and it isn’t about him (finally). Spoiler – this one is just as weird but in a good way.

Sci Fi Jr High is about Kelvin Klosmo who goes to a new school. There are many things that are weird about the new school. Everybody in the school thinks he is the smartest kid in the Galaxy when he barely knew a multiplication problem. Eventually he finds his place in the school.

I like that the evil villain turned into a stuffed bunny. I wonder if any of my stuffed animals are really a villain. I like adventures in Space because I think space is fun. I hope to go to space one day.

People who liked Vordak, stuffed animals and space would like this. Kids who are the new kid at school would also like this. Somebody who is having a bad day should read this too. They will laugh themselves to happiness.

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