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Don’t read this book before bed

By Anna Claybourne

(This is a National Geographic Kids book. They do send these to me to review. Just want to honest)

Now don’t read this book before bed if you plan to sleep. I guess if you don’t plan to sleep this book would be fine. It is about all kinds of different scary things, like mummies, haunted houses, the cutest blob fish in history, missing people, creepy sinkholes, Nessie and hauntingly true stories. Each story has a fright meter. I prefer the not so frightful stories.

I don’t know why but I like this book. It is creepy, like mega creepy but I learned creepy things. We all know I like to learn stuff but not creepy creepy stuff. I may have skipped those stories – sorry not sorry.

I would not recommend this to people who are easily scared or have nightmares. I don’t think GrandMary wants to read this but I bet my Dad would love it. Mom read some with me when I got to scared – we had all the lights on.

BOO 👻👻

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