The Blue Footies

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By Joan Dee Wilson

I got this book at a book event at Leon and Lulu’s. It is an advanced reader copy that authors and publishers give to be reviewers before the book is published. It is so reviewers can tell about the book before it comes out. I think it is cool to receive ARCs. Sometimes I forget I am reading book weeks and months before my friends do.

The Blue Footies is a really nice book about Blue Footed Boobies. Joan said she likes birds and writes her books about them. In this book, when a Blue Footed Boobie gets stuck in some trash, some Blue Footies come to help. They are children with blue rain boots on.

I liked the artwork – it is really cool, well-done and it shows what the text is saying. I really like that the story has an environmental theme. It has kids helping the environment. These kids are outside and not playing video games. Kids should get out more and see nature.

I recommend this book for people who would like to learn about the environment. A science teacher should have this in their class or maybe a school library for reading groups. A teacher could make an activity about helping the environment with this book.

I just really liked this book and I don’t want to spoil it. It comes out around November 1st and I definitely recommend it.

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