The Rocket

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By Joshua Buchanan

First, sorry, Joshua, that it has taken so long for me to review this.

This is a graphic novel about Foxfur and his adventures with the worst inventions ever seen. He attends a special school and he makes an enemy. He also makes a friend and lives with his sister. They help with his efforts to save the world from his enemy.

Right here I am changing up my review because I have some things to discuss with Joshua.

Joshua, let me ask me this – is Foxfur’s “death” like Shiro in (the new) Voltron’s? Is he really dead or could he come back because I am not too happy with your ending.

Now back to regular review. I liked that the character was a fox and he was an inventor. I like it when people make animals more human. I think Joshua is a good illustrator. You should follow him on instagram.

This isn’t a little kid graphic novel since I spoiled the ending above. I would suggest third grade and up. Kids who like adventures and inventions would like this. People who want to save the world might like it too.

The Rocket is a good story. Now, can I have a minor sequel?

(Bridget note: Mom stopped copying my notes when I went on a long description on Voltron and how The Rocket is like it.)

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