Pusheen the Cat

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Review by Lina C

The book’s name is I am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton. The entire book is about Pusheen’s life. When she can, she’ll try to “acquire treats.” In the fourth chapter Pusheen gets a little sister whose name is Stormy. Stormy sometimes does things Pusheen doesn’t like but there’s one picture that I think is really funny. It shows a broken flower vase with a puddle and Pusheen and Stormy.

There are a lot of pictures and I like that, and I like the captions. It’s fluffy — it isn’t the deepest thing you’ve read–but it’s very funny and I like it. I’d recommend it because she’s funny and she loves to eat like Garfield and sleep but she’s nice. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a funny book about cats. I would give it a five star rating.

(Bridget note: I love sharing my blog with other kid reviewers. If you know a kid who wants to be reviewer, let me know. They can review whatever book they want! I just want more kid voices.)

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