The Snitch, the Witch and the One who was Rich

  • 2 min read

By Joe Spraga

I wanted this book as soon as I saw it. I met Joe Spraga at the book event this past weekend. Mom made me walk the whole event before I could buy any books but I went right back to get this one.

This book is about a Snitch (a bird), a Witch and the One who was Rich (a King). They were all mean. They and their friends go visit Father Time to ask how to change themselves. They learn how to tell time and not waste it since once time is gone, it is gone. Time waits for no one. As a result, they become nicer.

I like that the book shows to value time and you will have more friends if don’t be mean. I love the illustrations. They are detailed and every one of the characters has it’s own unique detail.

I recommend this to people who want to learn not to be mean. And to people who need a funny laugh. Caution this is a big book so not for little kids unless a grownup is nearby.

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