Sassafras Cats of Izumba

  • 1 min read

By John Crissman

The Sassafras Cats of Izumba is very funny. The cats chase away all the rats because they are as big as cats. The cats live in peace until the rats come back. The rats make a trail to make it look like cats took cheese from the ruler. All the cats get locked up and the rats take over. I don’t want to tell you more because that spoils the ending.

I like that the cats are winning and then they aren’t because they get locked up. The kitties are nice and they give the ruler a kitty because he is grumpy because he doesn’t have a kitty. The kitty makes him happy.

This is not a learn to read book. It has a glossary at the back so maybe it is for older kids. People who like kitties would also like this book.

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