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The Blue Footies

By Joan Dee Wilson

I got this book at a book event at Leon and Lulu’s. It is an advanced reader copy that authors and publishers give to be reviewers before the book is published. It is so reviewers can tell about the book before it comes out. I think it is cool to receive ARCs. Sometimes I forget I am reading book weeks and months before my friends do.

The Blue Footies is a really nice book about Blue Footed Boobies. Joan said she likes birds and writes her books about them. In this book, when a Blue Footed Boobie gets stuck in some trash, some Blue Footies come to help. They are children with blue rain boots on.

I liked the artwork – it is really cool, well-done and it shows what the text is saying. I really like that the story has an environmental theme. It has kids helping the environment. These kids are outside and not playing video games. Kids should get out more and see nature.

I recommend this book for people who would like to learn about the environment. A science teacher should have this in their class or maybe a school library for reading groups. A teacher could make an activity about helping the environment with this book.

I just really liked this book and I don’t want to spoil it. It comes out around November 1st and I definitely recommend it.

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Science Comic: Dogs

By Andy Hirsch

This is one of the Science Comic series. It is story that tells the science of a topic. This one is about dogs. It is really funny. You learn about how dogs came from predator and evolved into a protector and domestic pet. But they tell it as a story not just a bunch of facts, so kids should enjoy learning this way.

I liked that it was about dogs because I like dogs and I wanted to learn how dogs evolved. I learned about their DNA and that other stuff. Another thing is they don’t always tell you what something is but they mention it in the book.

Everybody that likes dogs, has one or wants to learn more about dogs should have this book.

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Cici’s Journal

By Joris Chamblain & Aurelie Neyret

This is a graphic novel plus journal. That means there are some parts are comic book like and other parts you can write in. Cici is a girl who wants to be an author and has a secret journal. Cici is very nice and sometimes has challenges with her friend. She is also a detective and a lot of times keeps stuff from her friend.

The book about what happens in Cici’s life – the challenges and surprises.

I liked that it shows the challenges she has to face and what happens. I liked that is combined and not just a tradition journal or graphic novel.

I think girls my age would like to read this. Maybe the boys too. A grownup might like it because of the dual set up.

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Friday Free Read

I am starting a new series on Fridays. Each Friday I will share a photo of the books I am reading. No reviews – just sharing what I am reading. If you pay close attentions to the stacks, you will see sneak peeks at upcoming books. (Hint hint)

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Hi! Fly Guy

By Tedd Arnold

Review by Little Brother

I am getting better at reading. This was my library book this week. It is Hi! Fly Guy. It is about a kid finds a pet fly. His name is Buzz and he thinks the fly is saying his name. The fly is really saying go away! The boy catches the fly and the fly gets mad. The boy puts the fly in a show and the fly does really good. At the end, they become friends.

There are more books about Fly Guy and Buzz. I liked that I could read this with only a little help on the big words. It was silly. It was silly to say Buzz!

I recommend this to people who like flies and want them as pets. I also recommend it to kids who are learning to read.

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Rosie: A Detroit Herstory

Written by Bailey Sisoy Isgro

Illustrations by Nicole Lapointe

This book is about how women worked in the factories during the war. The men were overseas fighting so women took over their roles and made many changes at home, like vegetable gardens. This book talks about that period. In the back it has a timeline. It also explains that women who worked in factories are called “Rosies”.

I liked that this book was about women can do things that men can too. I liked learning about the history. I really liked the illustrations.

I think teachers should this in their classrooms and libraries so kids can learn about this.

I got this book as part of a Kickstarter but you can get it online ->

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Love, Triangle

Written by Marcie Colleenillustrated by Bob Shea

This book is by Marcie Colleen of Super Happy Party Bears and illustrated by Bob Shea! The story is about how friendship can change when a new friend joins the group. Square and Circle were best friends since they were a dot and a speck. One day, someone new came . Their name was triangle. Triangle was different. They weren’t all best friends immediately but friendship sometimes takes time.

I love friendship stories. It was interesting to think about it with shapes. Friendship can sometimes be bent out of shape. Kids can relate to the difference in shapes. Bob Shea’s illustrations are wonderful. They are colorful and full of little surprises.

I recommend this book to people who want to learn more about friendship. Maybe the new kid in school or friends who are going through a rough patch

I give this book 300 stars ✨