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The Prince and the Dressmaker

By Jen Wang

This is a graphic novel where a Prince hires a dressmaker to make him dresses. He does it because he likes dresses (Bridget note: I agree with him. They are more comfortable than pants) No one recognizes him as the Prince in the dresses. He even enters a beauty contest and wins! It was his first night out.

A whole bunch of stuff happens before He gets found out and is grounded. There is a happy ending but I am not telling you anymore. It is too good and I want you to find out on your own.

I think this book is about letting people express themselves however they want to. If it doesn’t hurt other people, like a boy wearing a dress, who cares. If you are not ok with a boy wearing a dress, this book is not for you.

If you want to go on a fun adventure with good fashion and lovely ladies, this is the book for you.

This book will be released in February so considering pre-ordering it.

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The World of the Bible

I am studying for my Reconciliation and First Communion so this book was very interesting. It covers the actual places mentioned in the Bible. It helps you understand the stories better.

For instance, when you hear the story of the Tower of Babel, what do you think? The book explains what it actually looked like. It was a lot bigger than I thought.

There is a map that helps you understand where the stories took place. A glossary for some of the new words and even a character cheat sheet.

Whether you are a Bible reader, this is interesting from a history point. It helps you understand the stories better.

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Hey Baby

Hey Baby is a National Geographic Book about animals babies. They share information about the babies plus share stories and poems about animal babies. The pictures are so cute…

Don’t you want to snuggle this guy….

Or this one with such a fun name

I would share all the pictures but instead you should just get the book. This would be a good present to give your mom to remind her of when you were super cute and not arguing with your brother.

I love this book. I was going to share it with my baby cousin and her parents but I am keeping it until she won’t rip pages. (PS hope you enjoy Salina Yoon board books)

I recommend this book to people who likes babies, animals, baby animals, nature photography and poems.

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Orrena’s Arctic Adventure

Written by Jeffrey J. Acs

Illustrated by Rebecca A. Lowe

The author told me he used to tell his daughter stories at bedtime so he turned them into a book. I picked this book up at Leon and Lulu’s book event.

Orrena’s family moves to an artic area. There she meets a lot of animal friends and discovers an underground village. It is where the animals live. She learns there is an evil person trying to hunt the animals. She helps the animals but when the evil persons finds the help the animals, she has to help save them. From there she goes on amazing adventure to make everything right.

This is an older kid picture book. It is longer and has a lot more words. I like the illustrations because they are really really detailed. I also like the seal who is really cute.

It can be creepy at some times. The evil person is scary in the story and the illustrations.

I recommend this as a present for a kid who cares about animals.

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History’s Mysteries

This is another National Geographic Kids book you should consider as a present. Maybe for kids who are scared of things, but for the creep lovers, yes!

This book is similar to Don’t read this before bed. It is stories of real things that have happened in the world. For example, the dancing plague, which had everyone dancing and then dying. I also learned about Antikythera Mechanism.

This is an interesting book for odd things that have happened. A lot seem creepy but there is a good explanation. I am going to give this book to my school library so other classmates can learn from it too.

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The Ghastly McNastys and the Lost Treasure of Little Snoring

by Lyn Gardner

Review by Lina

The book is about a pair of pirate twins called Grisly and Gruesome McNasty. They love treasure as much as they hate children and dentists. They especially hate Hetty and Tat, two friends who outwit them when they’re trying to look for treasure buried on the beach in Hetty and Tat’s hometown of Little Snoring. Hetty is very smart in school but not as smart in outwitting pirates (although she’s still quite good at it). Tat is not the best in school but he has very good eyesight because he eats six carrots each morning before breakfast and he’s very good at outwitting pirates, especially the McNastys. Now, these pirates are quite fearsome, but they lack wits. Hetty and Tat eventually trick the pirates, though it does take the whole book.

I liked that it was funny and that the pirates were not very smart. I liked that Mrs. Slime, their second mate, and Pegleg Polly the Parrot join Hetty and Tat. There were drawings on the pages and there were funny phrases for why the book is missing some chapters. (It still picks up from where the last chapter ended.)

I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a funny book and anyone who needs a good laugh. I might recommend this book for ages 7-12. It’s really good for everyone but that’s just a recommended age.

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Review by Annoying Little Brother

National Geographic Kids sent my sister this book. I took it. I like dinosaurs. This is a big book on dinosaurs. It breaks them up by their families. Each page has facts on a dinosaurs. It has an illustration of what they think it look like. They are very different than what I thought. It shows you how a big a dinosaur was compared to an adult.

I like that it is talking about dinosaurs. It shows fossils and how they are made.

This would be a good present for a kid who likes dinosaurs. Teachers should have this. Not for little kids or babies but big kids like first grade and older.