Thelma the Unicorn

  • 2 min read

By Aaron Blabey

This is the story of an unicorn. Okay, really it is about a horse who wants to be an unicorn. (Bridget note: who doesn’t want to be an unicorn?) She takes a carrot and puts it on her head. Ooh good problem solving. And then a truck goes by and a bunch of pink paint and glitter go all over her. Now she is a pink sparkly unicorn! Then she gets famous and then she can’t do anything because fans never leave her alone. She solves this problem by just being herself – a horse! She finds her friend who reminds that being yourself is best.

The story is a good one for kids. We all think we want to be someone we aren’t. The illustrations are really nice. This is the same author as Bad Guys and Pig the Pug. His work is really fun and kids really like it.

i give this book five stars. People who want to be someone else should read this, especially people and horses who want to be unicorns.

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