Books do not have wings

  • 1 min read

By Brynne Barnes

Illustrated by Rogerio Coelho

i don’t agree with the title of this book. Books take you places on their wings. This is a book about how books use your imagination. They may not have real wings but they do in your mind. The words of a book can take you anywhere.

The illustrations are pretty and very detailed. There are lots of hidden things in the book. One of the end pages shows a bunch of characters and they appear in the words too. It is written like a poem and i like the rhythm it adds.

This book would be good for anyone who likes books. It reminds you that paper can take your imagination anywhere. With a book, you can be a panda, you can be a kitty, you can go to Australia or the moon. You can fly in a boat or fight pirates or fairies. You can do anything with a book.

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