I’m going to Outer Space

  • 1 min read

By Timothy Young

This book is a visual delight. It is like a Where’s Waldo of robots and aliens. I was so excited to see the page of robots and recognize so many. Proud geek!

The boy in this book talks about what he wants to do in space and who he wants to me. It is what every kid would want to do and Timothy makes sure there is diversity in his aliens and robots. They are all different but they are getting along.

This is a fun book people should have. It talks about trying new things and meeting new people. It isn’t scary. It is fun. It is really cool.

When you get this book, let me know your favorite hidden image.

Mine are Mystery Science Theatre, Star Wars, Wall-E and aw, gee I just love it all. I would love to have the robot page for my wall!

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