Orrena’s Arctic Adventure

  • 2 min read

Written by Jeffrey J. Acs

Illustrated by Rebecca A. Lowe

The author told me he used to tell his daughter stories at bedtime so he turned them into a book. I picked this book up at Leon and Lulu’s book event.

Orrena’s family moves to an artic area. There she meets a lot of animal friends and discovers an underground village. It is where the animals live. She learns there is an evil person trying to hunt the animals. She helps the animals but when the evil persons finds the help the animals, she has to help save them. From there she goes on amazing adventure to make everything right.

This is an older kid picture book. It is longer and has a lot more words. I like the illustrations because they are really really detailed. I also like the seal who is really cute.

It can be creepy at some times. The evil person is scary in the story and the illustrations.

I recommend this as a present for a kid who cares about animals.

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