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2017 Year in Review

This has been a great year here at Bridget and the Books! Thank you to my readers for being part of it!

First a review of the numbers:

  • 9,651 views of my blog
  • 4,891 visitors to my blog
  • 231 posts (mostly book reviews)
  • 611 likes on posts
  • 76 comments on blog (but we also chat on twitter, facebook and instagram)
  • The most popular post was my interview of Dylan Tuet followed by my review of Cleopatra in Space 4

Some highlights of the year were:


My 2018 goals will be:

  • Meet Mike Maihack (don’t know how yet, but working on it) and Aimee Bissonette (planned for March)
  • Read Cleopatra in Space 5 and Nick Tapalansky‘s next book
  • Make a dent on reading my book shelf aka READ MORE!
  • Bring back the Librarian interviews  (know anyone interested? drop me a note)
  • Create an interview series about awesome kids doing extraordinary things! Let me know about a kid you think should be featured!


I am closing 2017 on a happy note and excited about what 2018 brings! Have a wonderful New Year and see you next year!




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One Day a Dot

By Ian Lendler

Illustrated by Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb

This book is about how the universe started and follows a dot through the eras. It is fun finding the dots in some of the illustrations. You learn how evolution works and how history passes. It is a very fun way for kids to learn. It even ends with a timeline. The timeline is through now so in the future it may be wrong. Like when we get flying cars (my parents just rolled their eyes as they both work in auto industry).

I liked that every picture there was a dot. The illustrations are fun and helped explain the history.

I recommend this book for kids, well anyone, who wants to learn about the universe and how things started.

I give this book sixty five million stars since it goes back to dinosaurs.

Wow and this book won’t be released till April! You should add it to your preorder list.

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Elenora Mandragora

By Severine Gauthier

Art by Thomas Labourot

Elenora Mandragora is the daughter of Merlin, the wizard. This graphic novel is the story of her adventures. Merlin dies so she has to do things by herself. She makes some mistake which are very funny. She is a strong female and in the end it works out.

I can’t tell you more without giving away the fun. I liked this story because it is funny, has a strong female character, has magic and has a good story. The illustrations are really cool. The way the people are drawn are different and very cool. There are a lot of details in the pictures.

I recommend this to kids who graphic novels, magic or are looking for a female lead.

Bridget note: I will be taking a break through the Christmas Holiday. I have lots of books going so I will be back!

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Coder Dojo Make your own Game

This is a book that helps kids create a game using code. I am liking it but find it hard to do. Coding is not as easy as it looks.

The book walks you through the steps of how to make the game. They break it into small things you do. There a lot of steps in making a game.

Even though I haven’t made my game yet, it helped me the coding process better. It helps me be less frustrated with apps on my tablet.

I recommend this book to kids who are curious about coding or like to play video games. It would be a good gift for them!

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Bittersweet Holidays

Written by Nadya Klimenko

Illustrated by Rayanne Vieira

This book is about food allergies. I know about food allergies because I have a bunch of them (sesame seed, peanut/beans, dairy, egg, soy, gluten). It makes it hard to participate in some events at school and that is what this book is about.

Misha Bear is sad because his class has a lot of food parties for holidays. He can not join in because he is allergic to some of the food. He even eats at a separate table at lunch. His class decides to make their parties allergy safe. They bring in safe foods and non food items. Misha can join!

I liked that this was about food allergies. It explains how hard it is to be the food allergy kid during a party! It is very hard. My mom usually brings me alternate food. That isn’t quite as much fun.

I recommend to people who would like to learn about food allergies. Kids should read it to understand why they may not be able to bring peanut butter sandwiches to school.

I am lucky that I just get sick and grouchy if I eat my allergy foods. Some people can end up in the hospital or die if they have theirs.

One cool thing about this book is some of the proceeds will go to allergy research!