Cooper & Packrat: Mystery on Pine Lake

  • 2 min read

By Tamra Wight

illustrated by Carl DiRocco

This book is about two boys names Cooper and Packrat. Cooper’s parents own the campground he lives at. Packrat comes to the camp and they become friends. Packrat is his real name – that is Peter. A man comes to the campground and doesn’t like the loons. Then the dam is blocked and the water rose. Cooper and Packrat have to solve the mystery of who and why! The higher water had flooded the loon nests.

I liked that this story is a mystery. I like that it had loons because I love birds. I heard loons at my family’s camp in Maine. Loons sound weird but it is nice. I also like that this is in Maine and it reminds me of camping in Maine. I spend part of my summers in Maine.

I would recommend this to people who like camping . Also people who would like to visit Maine.

There are other books in the series. I hope to get the others!

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