Elenora Mandragora

  • 1 min read

By Severine Gauthier

Art by Thomas Labourot

Elenora Mandragora is the daughter of Merlin, the wizard. This graphic novel is the story of her adventures. Merlin dies so she has to do things by herself. She makes some mistake which are very funny. She is a strong female and in the end it works out.

I can’t tell you more without giving away the fun. I liked this story because it is funny, has a strong female character, has magic and has a good story. The illustrations are really cool. The way the people are drawn are different and very cool. There are a lot of details in the pictures.

I recommend this to kids who graphic novels, magic or are looking for a female lead.

Bridget note: I will be taking a break through the Christmas Holiday. I have lots of books going so I will be back!

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