Posted in Book Review, Graphic Novels

One Day a Dot

By Ian Lendler

Illustrated by Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb

This book is about how the universe started and follows a dot through the eras. It is fun finding the dots in some of the illustrations. You learn how evolution works and how history passes. It is a very fun way for kids to learn. It even ends with a timeline. The timeline is through now so in the future it may be wrong. Like when we get flying cars (my parents just rolled their eyes as they both work in auto industry).

I liked that every picture there was a dot. The illustrations are fun and helped explain the history.

I recommend this book for kids, well anyone, who wants to learn about the universe and how things started.

I give this book sixty five million stars since it goes back to dinosaurs.

Wow and this book won’t be released till April! You should add it to your preorder list.

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