A girl named Hillary

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By Rebecca Paley

This book is part of new series by American Girl (yes the dolls). This one is about Hillary Clinton. It is about her childhood and her growing up to be who she is now. I learned that she had to work very hard and she faced a bully as a kid (and a lot as an adult).

The book is interesting because you learn the real story behind a real person. I knew who Hillary Clinton was because she ran for president in 2016 but I didn’t know about her life. This book changed my opinion of her and makes me wish I could meet her (adding to life goals).

I think a lot of other little girls would like this. Little girls need to know about the women who changed the world and how their childhoods were not much different than ours. They face bullies, going to schools, figuring out how to follow the rules and more. It is also helpful to know how things have changed because of these women. It is no longer unusual for a woman to be a lawyer or a working mom (I have one of those) or maybe one day president.

The book also includes a short introduction to a modern girl working towards changing something in her world.

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