Zoey and Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmellows

  • 2 min read

Story by Asia Citro

Pictures by Marion Lindsay

I connected with other reviewers and authors online and Zoey and Sassafras was the big chatter. I checked my library and they had it so I grabbed it. Good decision, Bridget!

Zoey is a little girl and Sassafras is her cat. I am happy it is a cat because I like Sassafras. In this one they find a baby dragon.. a real one that is super cute and eats marshmallow. Oh and loves to eat fish. When Zoey finds the dragons, she puts it in her barn which is also where her mom helped magical animals too. I don’t want to say anymore because then I will start telling you the whole story.

First note, I loved this book. I read it in one sitting and have another from the series ready for today. I really really loved this book. I could be one of the characters for Halloween. Yeah, this is a Halloween costume kind of book.

I loved the story. The characters are people kids my age would relate to. We want to have those type of adventures. The illustrations are really cool. They help with understand the story and visualize it.

I recommend this book to ANYONE. It would be a great book candy for advanced readers and a good read for newer readers.

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