A girl named Rosai

  • 2 min read

By Denise Lewis Patrick

Are you curious to learn more about Rosa Parks? Did you know she did more than just give up her bus seat? This book will tell you so much more about her life. It tells about her childhood, her time working for NAACP, the bus experience and the end of her life in Detroit.

I liked this book because it shows an amazing girl who changed our world. I had heard about Rosa Parks but learned so much more in this book. It was written in a way I could understand and now I know details like the fact she was sitting in the black section of the bus when told to give up her seat.

I recommend this book as addition to a class library or for a kid curious about people who changed the world. An adult would enjoy this book if they just wanted a quick update on Rosa Parks.

This is the second “A girl named…” from American Girl. I look forward to more from them.

Review Book was provided by Scholastics

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