Ellie Engineer

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By Jackson Pearce

Ellie, Engineer is the story of a girl named Ellie who is an engineer. There are also some neighborhood boys and girls and her best friend, Kit. In the story, it is Kit’s birthday and Ellie has something for her. Kit convinces Ellie to show it to her and everything falls apart. So now Ellie needs something new to give Kit. The story is about her making the new item, which is a dog house for Kit’s new dog. I will let you figure out the rest of the story when you read it.

I liked that this was a story about friendship. I am very curious about friendship and how they are all different. This is a STEM book. It is nice to have a girl as the Engineer. I have met girl engineers at Mom’s work but I don’t see them as often in books.

One thing is I read this on my tablet. Sure it is convenient for traveling but there is just something about a paper book.

I would recommend Ellie, Engineer to kids who are curious about building. A class project could be to build something while reading the book.

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