She Found Fossils

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Written and edited by: Maria Eugenia Leone Gold and Abagael Rosemary West

Illustrated by: Amy J Gardiner

My uncle sent me this book to review. He knows I like books about girls who do amazing things. This was a good book for him to send.

This book is about women paleontologist aka women who find fossils. Each page is about a different woman starting with the first known woman paleontologist, Mary Anning. It goes to modern paleontologist and how they work. It is kind of cool to think I could meet one of these woman.

I have held actual fossils and Dino poop at Cranbrook Institute of Science. It would be super cool to meet a person who finds these items.

I like that it features all women and they tell about their life. I am sure it was not easy for them so it is cool to see them doing what they love. I like that they are short stories about each person. The book has a lot of women but gives enough introduction to each that could decide to read more on them.

I would like to see this book at schools so kids can learn more about paleontology and not think girls can’t do it. Why not have the books only feature girls? A lot of books make girls question if they can do it. Why not make them say “of course I can”!

Thanks, Uncle Jay!

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