My rotten stepbrother ruined Cinderella

  • 2 min read

Written by Jerry Mahoney

The author sent me a copy of his book to review and I am so glad he did. I really really really enjoyed it. The story is about a girl and her stepbrother’s adventures in a fairy tale. She loves them and he thinks they are ridiculous. He finds all the problems with Cinderella and then the next thing you know a stepsister is marrying the Prince. They broke the fairy tale. The sister and her stepbrother have to go into the fairy tale to fix it.

I think it is a great book because older kids do see the issues with fairy tales. It is funny that a book does the same thing. Like wouldn’t a lot a girls in the Kingdom wear the same size shoe? And seriously would you want to marry someone who can’t remember what you look like?

Anyway, the adventure is funny. The book is fast paced which I like. I read this book in a day!

One thing I would say is the Brother doesn’t have to be a step brother. It could be a Brother like Annoying Little Brother! But it was a good story about their relationship.

I recommend this as book candy or for some kids it could be a just right book. It would be good for kids who think fairy tales are silly and kids who like Land of Stories series.

I am going to stop here since otherwise I would spoil it! There are more books in the series and I am totally adding those to my to get list!

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