Madam C.J. Walker and New Cosmetics

  • 1 min read

By Katherine Krohn

Illustrated by Richard Dominguez, Dave Hoover, Bill Anderson and Charles Barnett III

For Black History Month, I am working on a project on Madam C.J. Walker. This is one of my research books and it is a graphic novel style. It is fun and quick to read. It has a lot of details but not all the ones I needed. I have two other books on her to read as well.

I think using graphic novel style is a fun way to gets kids to read something historical. It was a good way to learn a little about her before I read the other books. This is a good way also for kids who aren’t up to reading a full chapter book.

I would think this book and others in its series would be a good addition to a school library.

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